Dashwood Studio

Dashwood Studio specialise in producing beautiful, design-led fabric collections for today’s quilt and home-sewing communities. This fresh approach leads to a range of stunning, contemporary cotton prints to inspire and excite all those that discover them.

Baubles £3.10

Amelie Flower Pots £3.10

Amelie Flowers £3.10

Amelie Geometric £3.10

Amelie Rows of Dolls £3.10

Christmas Gifts £3.10

Christmas Stockings £3.10

Festive Homes £3.10

Festive Trees £3.10

Geometric (Copper Metallic) £3.10

Ice White (Metallic) £3.10

Into The Blue Whales £3.50

Night Jungle Animal Print Mustard £3.50

Night Jungle Animal Print Teal £3.50

Night Jungle Tigers £3.50