First Light

First Light is a collaborative collection amongst all five Ruby Star Society designers. A gorgeous sunrise gradient features lots of lower volume options mixed with more intense pops of colour. Focus on the softer shades for more subtle projects and add the more saturated shades for a bit more contrast and oompf. All together First Light is a beautiful shimmering range that is sure to make projects sparkle.

First Light, Chunky Dots Pewter (metallic) £3.70

First Light, Chunky Dots Sandbox (metallic) £3.70

First Light, Chunky Dots Tangerine Dream £3.70

First Light, Moonrise Peach Blossom (metallic) £3.70

First Light, Moonrise Sandbox (metallic) £3.70

First Light, Moonrise Sunlight (metallic) £3.70

First Light, Tiny Flowers Black (metallic) £3.70

First Light, Tiny Flowers Citron £3.70

First Light, Tiny Flowers Melon (metallic) £3.70

First Light, Tiny Flowers Wool £3.70