Heather Ross' newest fabric collection is inspired by her favorite beaches, and long days spent surf-side with her daughter and friends.  Colour stories were chosen that match the beach towns she's visited, the deep turquoise of the New England coastline in Rye New Hampshire, The traditional pinks and greens of Palm Beach, Florida, and the hills above Malibu, bright in the springtime with deep green grasses and vibrant orange poppies. 

Big Gingham in Aquamarine £3.85

Big Gingham in Ocean £3.85

Coral in Blue £3.85

Piper in Green £3.85

Piper in Yellow £3.85

Sayulita in Aquamarine Canvas £5.00

Sayulita in Ocean £3.85

Sayulita in Sea Breeze £3.85

Sea Turtles in Dark Teal £3.85

Sea Turtles in Rose £3.85

Tiny Surfers in Cream £3.85

Tiny Surfers in Sea Foam £3.85

Wood Block in Dark Green £3.85

Wood Block in Mustard £3.85

Wood Block in Ocean £3.85