Ruby Star Society - Moda

From the designers who created Cotton and Steel - are now back as Ruby Star Society!

Ruby Star Society starts with five women working collaboratively and supportively to design delightful, beautiful fabrics, and it continues with you: Every person who has looked at a wall stacked high with bolts of fabric and felt that first spark of inspiration, imagination swirling, colors calling, all promise and possibility. Every woman who has believed in herself in spite of her circumstances, who believes in the *power* of her own gifts and ideas. Every person who has had a vision, who has wanted to create something beautiful, and who is willing to dream big. That, friends, is magical confidence; and we’re here to share it with you.

Birthday - Hats Berry (metallic) £3.70

Birthday - Hats Black (metallic) £3.70

Birthday - Hats Buttercream (metallic) £3.70

Black on natural Add It Up - Ruby Star Society £3.70

Butterflies Indigo £3.70

Butterflies Persimmon £3.70

Crescent Panel Cream £13.00

Crescent Panel Teal £13.00

Darlings 2, Mushrooms Denim £3.70

Darlings 2, Mystery Food Bluebell £3.70

Darlings 2, Nanners Goldenrod £3.70

Darlings 2, Panda Bebe Denim £3.70

Darlings 2, Rollerskates Berry metallic £3.70

Elixir, Daydream Balmy metallic £3.75

Elixir, Daydream Jade metallic £3.75