Rashida Coleman-Hale explores a celestial theme with her second Ruby Star Society Collection, Stellar. Smiling suns and floating stars shimmer in the sky with lots of sparkly gold metallic. Three cotton linen canvas prints are perfect for bags and garments.

Final Frontier Cotton (metallic) £3.75

Final Frontier Dark Teal (metallic) £3.75

Final Frontier Pale Peach (metallic) £3.75

Space Junk Butter (metallic) £3.75

Space Junk Cactus Canvas £4.20

Space Junk Kiss (metallic) £3.75

Space Junk Peach Canvas £4.20

Space Junk Peacock (metallic) £3.75

Space Junk Teal Canvas £4.20

Sunnymoon Dark Teal (metallic) £3.75

Sunnymoon Goldenrod (metallic) £3.75

Sunnymoon Peach (metallic) £3.75